Changing Bylaws


Prior to the first Board election, these Bylaws may be changed by approval of a majority of Initial Worker-Owners.

Once a Board has been elected, with exceptions listed below or on a specific Bylaws page, these Bylaws may be changed by approval of 2/3 of Owners at a duly called Owner meeting, or by 2/3 of those voting by electronic ballot duly submitted to Owners, so long as a quorum participates. Exceptions include:

1. Changes to the Bylaws (including formatting changes) not affecting the decision-making power or financial rights of Owners may be made by approval of 2/3 of the Board.

Each time a page in the Bylaws is amended, the Board Secretary will email a copy of the new Bylaws to all Owners, and will put the Bylaws on the Ampled website. The website will include an archive of all old Bylaws. Each page of the Bylaws will include a date showing when it was most recently amended, so that Owners can easily see where changes have been made.